Looking in Combat and Survival Mag I saw an advert for

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by JFKDorset, May 12, 2005.

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  1. a new issue SAS/Para Bergen in DPM external frame and similar design to the old one but with more pockets like the American ALICE Packs.
    Anyone know about these, I haven't seen them yet andthe one (small) photo looked great (If you like the old bergan that is).
    Is it an issue item? anyone seen or used them yet?

    Kindest regards, James

    PS it wasn't my copy of Combat and Survival it was someone else's, just found it lying around.......
  2. No it looks like a sas began in dpm cordura same old frame though
    always thought the sasbergan was pretty good apart from the frame .You
    would have to be some sort of masochist to use one now a days .
    Though there was a weird arty officer used to run round basra palace with one he also had one of those chest rigs from B20 .
  3. Seen it too, its not issue but instead seems to be an improved copy of the old SAS bergan, in DPM here.


    Dont know if its IRR, but looks good, I always hated the back system though.

    Personal preference I suppose, the issue one does the job well enough.
  4. anyone used that rucksack?? whats it like?.looks damn good and at 125l nice and big...or is the issue one better??
  5. I've had those pouches sewn onto my issue shortback for same effect. Had it done by the QM's Dept at ITC Catterick, I'm HM Supplies or others could do the same.

    Very useful for certain admin without going into main part of bergan.
  6. [​IMG]

    What the hell is this stroker doing ? I sure as hell don't get it!

    Answers on the back of a self addressed envelope of postcard to:

    Dragon Supplies
    Unit C4, The Seedbed Centre,
    Wyncolls Road,Severalls Park,
    CO4 9HT

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    dont know.apart from looking like a ****!
  8. I ment though, i just cant splle
  9. Is that a girl or a guy?
  10. I think he looks very tough, for a bloke with only one arm.
  11. Theres a hint of Gareth Keenan about him