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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by dusty_jacket, May 29, 2011.

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  1. I used to own Hot Metal Pro 6, which I became quite adept at using, and although not exactly state of the art, I could turn out a reasonable web page in a very short space of time.

    I have since lost my copy, and I am looking for something similar without spending megabucks, free is better.

    I have tried to a couple of free WYSIWYG editors, but maybe because I am set on my ways, I cannot seem to get the hang of them

    Does anybody have any suggestions?

    Better still has anybody still got a copy of Hot Metal Pro 6 that they would like to sell?
  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

  3. I've always used an application called "1st Page 2000". It's not true WYSIWYG, since you work in a text editor and then preview an uneditable version of the page, so you need to know a bit about HTML. However, it's a great application and it's free.

    A quick Google threw up the following:

    Both the above seem to be freeware and WYSIWYG.

    Here's 1st Page 2000:
    Evrsoft First Page
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Just find a free CSS template on the web and use that.

  5. You could try Arachnophilia, which is (or was) a good editor with real time preview, though I went off the later versions when they switched to Java .. you can still download Version 4 I think. The last software I used was HTML Kit, an excellent solution for editing, preview and upload, worth a try and capable of such great results, though I'm sure web building has come on a bit in the four years since I last did any. You can still download HTML kit, I just checked, HTH
  6. Thank you dear Grumblegrunt for the link to HotMetal, I have been looking for this
    for a long time. It's the only editor (wysywig or not) that has "Tags on view" (Kompozer has some tags, but it's very limited, and it adds unecessary code to the page). I'm doing very specialized work (converting old word 97 into HTML) and I have to work directly with the source code, except for tables which can be done more rapidly in wysiwyg mode with the the help of tags.
    However that editor is not compatible with Windows 7 and where I work, they will replace windows XP with windows 7 in the near future. I have searched all the products on the market, there is nothing with "tags on view".
    if anybody knows an editor (does not have to be free) with that option that will work with windows 7, please let me know.
  7. I used to use 1st Page, it lets you edit in HTML and WYSIWYG and view previews without having to open a seperate browser.
  8. Why not just work with the HTML directly? Converting Word 97 docs to HTML is no big deal. Dreamweaver even has a clean-up tool to get rid of much of the erroneous Word tags. Or better still write a simple PHP script to strip out all but the core HTML tags.
  9. We can not just convert the word 97 to HTML

    The text written on word 97 has been edited in paper format. Those document have been indexed Ex. : " Smith, John : p. 32, 44, 302" (index is at the end of the paper. ). The PDF version of those document are on the web site. We are now adding the HTML version to the site. But since the index is already been made, The HTML index version must correspond exactly to pdf/word97 format. P.32 of the paper must correspond to
    page 32 (anchor) of the HTML version
  10. If you mean to want to convert MS Word index entries to hyperlinks then the sensible way to approach it is to use/write a VB macro to automatically replace the indexed entries with anchored hyperlinks before saving the Word doc as HTML.

    Then tidy up the HTML afterwards.