Looking for Work - Mansfield/Nottingham/Derby/Sheffield

Hi all,

Some help and advice in looking for work in the above areas. I am currently living in Cheltenham with my GF, and we will be looking to move to the Mansfield area in the very near future (6-10 weeks). This is due to a fmaily member being ill.

I would be greatful if anyone in those areas can send me a PM or post links of good, reliable agencies in the area or of any jobs suitable for a CS/Account Management/Contracts Administration Specialist in these areas.

Commuting from mansfield will not be an issue.

Also looking for a 2-3 bed house with garden, that will allow pets in the Mansfield area.

Any help from the world of ARRSE very much appreciatted.


if your not yet sorted there is a company that I work with called Fair Deal Energy they work in the solar and energy efficency market
I have worked with them in the last year out of ilkeston in derbyshire well just between Notts and Derby
It is run by a ex RCT/RLC guy
payment is weekly and hourse are to suit
you can earn from £50 to £150 per deal ,it is a self emplyed job but he bends over backwards to help

the email i sent my cv to is fair.dealenergy@live.co.uk hope this helps
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