Looking for Work - Mansfield/Nottingham/Derby/Sheffield

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by paleblue_1, Aug 22, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    Some help and advice in looking for work in the above areas. I am currently living in Cheltenham with my GF, and we will be looking to move to the Mansfield area in the very near future (6-10 weeks). This is due to a fmaily member being ill.

    I would be greatful if anyone in those areas can send me a PM or post links of good, reliable agencies in the area or of any jobs suitable for a CS/Account Management/Contracts Administration Specialist in these areas.

    Commuting from mansfield will not be an issue.

    Also looking for a 2-3 bed house with garden, that will allow pets in the Mansfield area.

    Any help from the world of ARRSE very much appreciatted.


  2. Hi
    if your not yet sorted there is a company that I work with called Fair Deal Energy they work in the solar and energy efficency market
    I have worked with them in the last year out of ilkeston in derbyshire well just between Notts and Derby
    It is run by a ex RCT/RLC guy
    payment is weekly and hourse are to suit
    you can earn from £50 to £150 per deal ,it is a self emplyed job but he bends over backwards to help

    the email i sent my cv to is fair.dealenergy@live.co.uk hope this helps