Looking For Work and finding nothing,

Anyone else having a drama finding work? as mentioned in a previous post I am in the proverbial.

It seems an entry level job is a thing of the past. My degree course has had its funding slashed thanks Broon so I cant even get anything but an entry level job.

Ive even found myself claiming with all the other doleys and that makes me feel low.
Have you tried applying for a job as a Diesel Fitter in Evans?

No experience required, just hold up outsize garments and say "Diesel Fitter".
I'm about to enter the army, but have spent the last 5 years working as a recruitment specialist for a range of small and large consultancies. The jobs market at the moment is nothing short of brutal, despite what Gordon Brown will tell you. The worst is still to come as it tends to lag about 6-9 months behind the economy, so the first 3 quarters of this year will see some real stagnation.

Getting a job is difficult at the moment if you do not go about it in the right way. Lots of people think that by firing off 10 online applications a day via online job sites they will eventually strike gold, but the truth is that most recruiters and most employers get so saturated with applications via this route that they ignore most candidates and even good ones get lost in the mix.

What are you doing to find a job? What sort of work are you looking for?
Whats this? .... no British Jobs for British workers??

I'm flabbergasted!!

Welcome to Browns Britain!!
I tend to look for advertised vacancies, then Send a CV with covering letter. Ive worked as a waiter mainly and recently a pizza delivery driver. Im a Student. The worrying thing is I was even turned down for a McJob!

Basically looking for anything that will pay the rent.
you dont happen to live in Lincolnshire do you here the only way to garrante a job is be polish or bloody portugese and when you do find a job you get screwed over by the companies not keeping to there side of the contract and end up massivly out of pocket or is that just me
Well there you go, Jerrycan, I'm afraid students are going to in the mire along with
everyone else.

The old line that 'bloody students can get a job and pay their way through
college' collapses when all the crap jobs are taken by full time job seekers because there is nothing better available.

Either join the forces for a few years or bugger off abroad for a while, have some fun and broaden your
horizons until things pick up.

You could try and grab a quickish qual to travel with like a tree surgery climbing ticket
or dead basic cheffing.

Best of luck, you have my sympathy - the idea of someone being young, bright and rotting away delivering pizzas makes
me feel positively ill.

You're only here once so for fecks sake don't waste a minute of it.
BoundApprentice said:
you dont happen to live in Lincolnshire do you here the only way to garrante a job is be polish or bloody portugese and when you do find a job you get screwed over by the companies not keeping to there side of the contract and end up massivly out of pocket or is that just me
Why should I employ you at £10 an hour, when I can get 2 Poles at £5.30, with twice your output?

Check your PMs.

I was out at the weekend with 6 lads I've known for years.
In the last year 4 of them have lost their jobs.
One has had one unsuccsful interview
Two have managed to get part time work
One has gone self employed but is struggling to get by.

The employment market is dire.
You don't have to work for someone else.

There's always work just use a bit of imagination.

You could even try valeting cars, buy the equipment and set up in a pub car park near a busy road, paint houses...there's work if you can be bothered to look for it.

You could even end up with a successful business. Alan Suger started selling fruit in a market.
Here try this website: http://www.myworkman.co.uk/.

I found this a while back and just remembered it.

I've never used it myself but thought about using it, I needed my house painting but ended up paying the window cleaners to do it.

You can find any work on there, even simple stuff like tree stump removal, or painting a fence. If it keeps the wolf from the door and your pride intact it's worth doing.
If you are any good at DIY then there is plenty of work. I cannot find anyone to do the small jobs. They are just not interested. Come to think of it, I cant find anyone to do the £3k jobs either!!!! I see why the polish do get the work, they are prepared to do anything. The English sit around drinking coffee, turn up for an hour, bugger off, smoke fags and then try and charge a fortune.
I know how you feel - I was there in 1991, and remember it as a very hard time in my life. I tried (as a graduate, also) to get McJobs and was turned down a lot too. The trick is to scrub your degree off the CV, and just invent some bollocks about what you did for that 3 years. If they don't think you'll be moving on, they are more likely to take you.
I think the most useful thing I did during my unemployment time was start learning Russian. I got on the evening class for next to nothing because I was signing on, and it kept me sane - a chance to meet people once a week and keep my brain moving. And the Russian turned out to be very useful years later.
I don't know how you feel about HM Forces, but hey, you could do a lot worse right now - there's a job in there for almost everybody. You don't have to sign on forever, and you could learn something that will get you another job later on. And look at the nice people you'll meet - just like on ARRSE!
Another good thing to do in times like this is travel. I know, yes, cash is the problem. But if you can scratch up even a bit of cash, it can go a very long way in Asia. I worked on the armoured vans with Securicor for a few months and carried coffins for a funeral service just to save a grand. Then I got a cheap ticket to Pakistan (this was 1992) and took an old bike, and rode as far as Nepal. It turned out to be the best four months of my life.
Although it won't seem like it to you right now, in a way, times like this are an opportunity. You can take risks - what have you got to lose?
Im serving TA, I could volunteer for deployment but I would rather finish my degree. I dont want to be seen as the guy who is only on tour because i had nothing better to do. I would join the RMP as a regular soldier however I dont have the minimum GCSE grades. Only got into the TA RMP because they accepted the Equivalent
Ah, a student. You have my sympathies because i know how scarce jobs for students are. Try the NHS care worker bank. They train people then call on them when required.

It's a funny world in which you can't be accepted as a bog standard Monkey but you can be accepted by a university!
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