Looking For White Courlene Belt, Buckles Etc


i am looking for the following

White Courlene Belt 2 1/4 Inch (57mm)
White Courlene Loops
Chrome Plate Buckles (RE) it dosnt matter if there plain i can add my own
Brass Male And Female Buckles

also Courlene Bayonet Frogs

the above listed are needed for a wedding 6 of us will be attending a friends weedding and these are the opnly bits we need! fortunately we have all the other odds and sods from previous weddings

i am looking for anyone with buckshee ones or wanting to poay as little as possible and before we start yes i have tried EBay and various surplus stores


I don't know where you've tried but when we have cadre pass offs etc at our place we get white belts etc from Bassingbourne. Gloves as well
hope that helps
Hi yes I am aware they are available through the system but this wedding isn't on army time and is on rememberance weekend! So most of the kit from Bicester will be used and if I am lucky enough to get it through the system I will have to drive down there to pick up n drop off
I recent had to look for exactly what your after I looked everywhere but couldn't find any cadet direct had sold out so I typed courlene belt on eBay and theres some dude on there that sells the full set for like 14 kwid bargain ! I even phoned him up to make sure he had it in stock and he said he had like 2000 sets so I'd try their !
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