Looking for the buyer of some medals....

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by jagman, Jan 13, 2009.

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  1. Sold in an auction in Tiverton last September.
    Military Cross and Bar, 1st World War, Hampshire Regiment
    Auction house not forthcoming (data protection etc I suppose)
    I don't want to go into to many details but a relative of the recipient would like the oppurtunity to get copies of the paperwork that went with the sale.

    Any advice on how to find the collector/whoever bought it would be appreciated
  2. I'd start with the auction house.
  3. He's tried that, they agreed to pass on his details to the buyer but he heard nothing more after that.
  4. Sorry, missed that bit.
  5. Local paper, worth a try, turn it into a family want to trace brave relatives history type story and the person might be forth coming
  6. The auction house has done nothing wrong, they do not even have to pass your details onto the buyer if they don t want to. The buyer may not even be local and live overseas as medals are widely advertised particularly gallantry groups.

    You may be better off advertising in Medal News and hope the new owner reads it. Medal collectors can be a secretive lot to protect their collections from robbery.
  7. No suggestion of any kind of wrong doing by the auction house at all.
    Simply hoping to find the buyre and get copies of the paerwork if it is at all possible, will look into the Medal News and see if I can work that angle
    Thankyou for the suggestions!
  8. Wouldn't the seller also have rights to copies of the documents under the Data Protection Act? Presumably his name would appear on them.
  9. Seller sold his/her rights of the documents along with the medals to the highest bidder. It is a binding contract.

    If they wanted to keep a copy (which is a possibility) they would have done so.
  10. Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought the details of the transaction were wanted. Having re-read the post, it's the documents issued (and sold) with the medals. :oops:
  11. Ah that looks promissing, I'll register and see if anything gives
    Thankyou :D