looking for sympathy, ill on a friday night

Discussion in 'REME' started by GRUFFAL0, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. poor me i'm poorly and thought the nice folk of the army rumour service would humour me and maybe take pity. failing that just rip into me. whatever i'm game and also board.


  2. Shut the fukc up and pull yourself together ya beefer!
  3. ha ha yes i will so certainly man up. what is you doing on the comp at such a social day of the week
  4. I no longer drink or smoke due to doctors being a bunch of kuntz! (Plus I normally rape and pillage on a Tuesday afternoon.)
  5. bejebus, your life must be fun nows. you know they say teetotallers live longer.
  6. GET A GRIP OF YOURSELF MAN, mmm on second thoughts that can be quite good if you are alone and cant get out, just make sure you get a good porn site lined up! :excited:
  7. waiting till babestation kicks off then i will def do that, oh yes i will be
  8. BABESTATION!?! You fukin mincer! They don't have goats or dwarves on there. :p
  9. Don't forget the mincing dwarf goats.
  10. what channel is the mincing dwarf goats, might i catch it on ch5.

    it so much easier to find stuff to throw yourself round a room with now, back in my day it was a betamax that you an your mates found in an attik along with there mum's "massager" or failing that euro trash never failed, but dwarfs i never did see.

    bayted breath an eyes peeled
  11. The goats are on my hard drive - dwarves, it's only so I can reach :)
  12. Gruffalo your either a Tech or a Tiffy so man up you wuss and get a grip
  13. e-mail them 8)
  14. dont suppose you are an inapropriate cc
  15. tek "spit" tiff, my chest might hurt buut its because of gallstones not anything to do with spine removage 8)