Looking for suitable training venue for weekend training and all ranks formal dinner

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jim30, Mar 16, 2011.

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  1. Hi folks,

    I've been tasked to organise a training weekend away for my reserve (non TA) unit. We need to get a location capable of accommodating (or having accommodation nearby) approximately 70-100 people. The site should be relatively easy to access and have a lecture theatre, and classroom facilities which will be accessible for a full weekends training.

    The real clincher is that we need a location with an 'open minded' Officers / SNCO mess which will allow us to hold an all ranks formal (mess kit / black tie) dinner on the saturday evening.

    We've found lots of locations with accommodation and classrooms, but have yet to find somewhere that will let us do a formal dinner for all ranks (cue much spluttering and daily telegraph rustling when we have suggested it to our usual host venues). This is essential for us as the nature of the unit and specialist work we do means we work in very close proximity to each other and the rank divide is pretty much non existent, so we'd like to do something en masse in a military environment.

    Its not for at least 6 months, but I'd be grateful for any advice folks can offer as to where to try!


  2. Depending where you are Swynnerton is a good venue
  3. Altcar near Southport fits the bill. Good road/rail links too. Station outside the camp
  4. Jim 30
    You have pm
  5. Altcar and Swynerton are 2 of my three least favourite military training areas. But I digress.

    Have you not considered the posibilty of having the do at a local restaraunt/pub that caters for more formal dinners. It's what we used to do at my 1st unit for the xmas do. Unit covered most of the cost with a small contribution (I think it was £15 at the time). Or does it have to be completely self contained for the whole weekend. I'm sure most golf clubs would cater for a smart mess do (ie: everyone well behaved)

    Just a thought. TBM
  6. Longmoor should fit the bill......if its still there
  7. Redford Cavalry Barracks?
  8. Get your mitts on a copy of JSP907 section 10. It lists the facilities available at all the training camps.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. We're limited to doing it in a base for various reasons, so I'll get my grubby mits on a copy of 907, and start shopping...
  10. Roughly whereabouts in the country???

    Chilwell has a small transit block near the TAC's opposite Tesco - which gives you a choice of numerous places in Nottm/Derby/Long Eaton area
  11. Barry Butlins. ( Dundee) The food is normally poor to gopping but with enough warning and appropriate cash to improve the ingredients and pay extra staff Shona the ESS Site manager can actually produce a really good formal dinner. Accommodation for 500, classroom block with 4 classrooms, Use one of the messes as your Lecture theatre.
  12. The Army and Navy Club?

    Breakfast overooking Pall Mall

    You can use St James's Park to do your MATTs
  13. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I hear your pain. The PMC of a mess we stayed in looked like some some one had introduced a lemon into his back passage when we asked if it would be possible to have the Sergeants over for a 'cocktail party'.

  14. Are you joking? Its a huge shithole? Mess Dinner in the Red Rose? Cheeseburgers for a main?
  15. It would be except for the fact that for the forseeable it doesn't have an officer's mess (the WO's and Sgts mess has swapped locations with the Red Rose club and is now on the ranges) as it's acting as the cookhouse while the old one is knocked down and equally it doesn't have classrooms that will hold anything like 70-100 people.

    Strensall would be a possibility as it has a 'spare' officer's mess and big Gucci lecture theatre with all the AV kit at the AMSTC. quite heavily used though.