Looking for Squaddie C**k

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bluebluecow, Sep 27, 2005.

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  1. Middle aged mother, on benefits and a bit saggy.

    Been watching this site for a while now, am a bit of a forces groupie, usually hit on them on a one to one bases on MSN Hotmail Directory or drag friends along to pubs and bars local to the barracks, but thought this was a good way to see if i can't get a ripple of interest for my hobby. Squaddie C*ck.

    I've seen a lot of girls (LOL middle aged women with issues) have been on lately, the increase is obvious, and they all seem coy, well I'm not. i want it bad, but in a good way. So roll me over and do it again, you never know you might like it.
  2. Blue cow, you might want to have a chat with Babyblue, or Shelley7458457247. They might have got a few numbers by now.
  3. lolololol - thats fcuking rich coming from you baggy
  4. Hark at the Hoop Virgin!
  5. I see you live in Aldershot.

    Are you a groupie as well?

    Maybe we can go on the pull together.
  6. Well i.ve got to admit theres plenty of squaddie c#cks on this web site...
  7. Depends on how Middle Middle aged is and how saggy or what, are you talking about your 12 1/2 pound kebab ?
    Do you take the back door action aswell ?
    Do you swallow ?
    Do you do birds aswell
    Have you ever been made air tight ?

    Let us know more about you, and what you like !
  8. rank qualms?

    What you after Pte - Cpl? Sgt -WO2? WO1 - Capt? etc etc?

    Each has their own distinctive qualities, and attributes..
  9. not to old. 35.
    if shes nice and it's a 3 some.

    ask, and everything.
  10. I'm after the set.
  11. I'll give you a sorting you baggy flapped old hanger, i think this site needs more desperate, no life,sit at home pining groupie sl@gs as we only appear to have about eleventy squillion.

    please make sure you post lots of boring one line answers to otherwise good threads, and ensure they all end suggestively so that they solicit equally f ucking boring one line innuendo laden pish from the equally desperate blokes who should know f ucking better.


    now hurry up, get cancer and die.

    on your birthday.
  12. like dales mum
  13. Are you missing any ?
  14. Gosh you're a sweetheart, i bet the girls are just lining up around the building to pump your legs up!

    i never use innuendo, it's a touch weak and leads to confusion, especially in those with your IQ range.

    i like sitting at home. it's better than getting rough hands working.
  15. Moody, that comment makes you live up to the end part of your name. There's below the belt & there's that... Find the delete button, please?
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