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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by s14matt, Aug 13, 2011.

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  1. hi sorry for taking you thread,

    right i dont know what to do on here, iv just posted up as im trying to track somone.

    im looking to track down "KENNEDY W1036935" as i have somthing that belongs to this person... now if any one could help me track them down would be a great help!

    if some one knows of this person who can them to contact me through this site,

    again sorry to just jump in your thread like this because im not a soldier etc and dont know how to use this site or how to track this person down thanks in advance for all your help matt

    *edit the reason i have come to this site is that i search for the name and number and the only thing it brought up is this site under title mechanic A

  2. If its an ammo pouch you brought from the army surplus stores I'm sure she wont want it back.

  3. Was she your English teacher?

    No, seriously mate, if you want to track soldiers down there is a specific site. It's called 'Simon Wiesenthal' and they are very very good.

    Give it a go lad, and don't forget to let us know if they deserve the fine reputation.

  4. She's in the REME by the way
  5. Knock it off, I can only presume the poster has found something of value for the person named.
  6. haha nope, been asked if it was if it was a pair for trowsers!

    really i woulded go this far to sort it out if it was hahah,

    no it looks like a personal gift....

    it has her (assuming the person in question is a woman) details engraved on it and and they are quite expesive

    and it was found by a friend on patrol in afganistan.

    i will look on that site to see if they can help me,

    thanks guys
  7. If it's soiled underwear, I'll ahem, pass them on, eventually.
  8. Sensible Answer

    Army Personnel Centre - British Army Website

    There you go. Other than that, as no one here seems to know the soldier concerned, there's not much anyone else can (or should) do for you as you're not in the Army.
  9. Apart from post a request in the REME section seeing as how she is a VM.
  10. Yes, because if some random person posted something I'm sure all her colleagues will instantly give up her location. Stop arguing for argument's sake - why would anyone provide the location where a soldier is serving to some anonymous person on the internet?
  11. Yep, sorry I forgot. It's your site your rules.
  12. Point proved, I think.
  13. His mate found it/them on patrol in theatre and decided the best thing to do was give it/them to a non forces third party.

    Is it a left handed Gibson perchance?

    Sorry SM I know you mean well.
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