Looking for some information please.........

Your going infantry unless something has changed they dont get driver training. But i shouldnt worry you wont be allowed to start with a driving ban anyway good luck in whatever else you decide to do
dont wipe your arrse with a broken bottle


Oi, knobjockey. I've fixed your sig block for you.

BARB - 78
1St Interview - Passed
2Nd Interview - Passed
Medical Forms - Passed
A.D.S.C - Passed A Grade
I T C Catterick - Postponed
Court Date - To Be Confirmed
Career - Not off to the best of starts
Chosen Reg - Royal Welsh
Never look a gift horse in the mouth!
Twizzlelehope said:
Never look a gift horse in the mouth!
That should really be expanded to never do anything in a gift horses mouth. Horses can really bite.
never trust a man in a blue trenchcoat, never drive a car when youre dead
We'll look into it and get back to you.

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