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Hey everyone, I'm just looking for a bit of help if anyone knows and this seems the best place to post it

Im joining the army and considering joining as an aircraft technician, I've took my barb test and got 80 on that, and i've read on here about how hard the maths is and everything but I think ill be okay with that, got a B at gcse and studied maths at AS level.

Im just looking for a bit of info from people who actually do the job, and where could you expect to be based as an aircraft tech and how often you'll get posted abroad and things ike whether its actually good or theres something better within REME...just a general heads up would be great!

cheers in advance !


Spursfan said:
And do you have any advice since you seem to have totally ignored my whole post
Plenty of advice. And since you answered no to my 1st 2 questions then I don't think you'd be suited to the tech trade.

Become an Armourer, watch deviant animal porn, and polish knives all day in the cellar like the rest of the the real tradesmen,
FFS there are plenty of threads exactly the same as this one fella. Have a look through the board history and at the tech sticky at the top of the page.

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