Looking for some info on this years GYC

I've got a confirmed place at University, starting in September. However I've only just found out about gap year commissions. I'm going to phone my local recruiting office tomorrow to get some inofrmation on it, but I thought I might aswell ask on Arrse as well.

What I want to know is, is it too late to apply for the one that presumably begins in September? I'm not too sure, as most people going to university wont get confirmed places until they get their results in August, and GYC requires you to have a confirmed place.
IIRC the last RCB for GYC is in August some time, or at least it was when I did it many years ago. If you're quick off the mark and keep pestering you could get through the system by then.

I'm probably about to be shot down in a blazing inferno for saying that aren't I?


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I tried to get one last year. I had my pre-rcb done by March and had my full board booked for early September. In any event I broke my hand a few weeks before the full board, so couldn't take part. Was absolutely gutted.

Have you got your pre-rcb done? If you haven't, then you're going to need to get a cat 1 - anything less, even a cat 2/6, and it'll be a no go. But it's not too late yet, make the call!

Good luck!
It must have been about this time of year that I applied to do my GYC. If your school has a Schools Liaison Officer he's the man you want to speak to. I did both Briefing and RCB in the summer after A-levels as did a number of others at Sandhurst.

Good Luck pal. It’s probably the best decision I've made to date.

Any advice wanted pm me.
Unfortunately no info on this year's GYC but under the previous SSLC arrangements I applied much later than this and was still able to compress the process to get a place in Sep/Oct intake. There used to be a second intake in Feb/Mar but I am not sure if this is still the case.

If you would like to pull up the sandbag for some general worlds of advice:

1. If you want to join the Army after University then don't bother as it won't count for anything in the long run. If your considering the Army but haven't made your mind up or are going to do something completely different after university then I could not recommend a better way to spend a year. The key though is to take it as an opportunity that you need to grasp to get the most out of.

2. I have seen far too many GYC/SSLC officer's lounging around Officers' Messes in all parts of the world organising minor social functions to believe that everyone gets the same out of the opportunity. That said even having a full time job as the Regimental Sports Officer beats skivying your way around the globe washing dishes and making beds that most of your mates will end up doing. (Especially if you can brow beat your boss into sending you to the US to learn those essential Free Fall Skills rather than keep getting under his feet).

3. Almost a decade after starting the SSLC/GYC programme because it was a bit different from your usual Gap Year fair I have absoloutely no regrets even though my career has taken a decidedly different route.
I dissagree with S_L_S - i think you should go for a GYC even if you do think theres a chance you may join after uni - not only will it give you a better insight into the people you will be working with and the jobs that they do but it will give you an opportunity to do far more 'fun' things in one year than you would be able to do when doing the job 'for real'. Its far better to find out that the army 'isnt for you' during a gap year than when you've made it your career choice later down the line.

I dont think you are too late but get in there ASAP. You wont regret it!!
It also opens up lots of opportunities while at university through either the OTC or TA. This is not to say that their aren't a plethora of opportunities normally available but few of them pay quite so much. I'm not suggesting that this should be in any way part of a potential GYC's motivations but its something to have in the back of your mind.
Thanks for the replies. I haven't actually started the application process at all. I had intended to join the OTC whilst at university and apply for a commission once I'd finished my degree. That's why I asked if it was too late, as I hadn't thought that it might be beneficial to start the application process this soon. Well, I've made the call and have a meeting set up in a few weeks, which should give me time to get my fitness up to scratch so I might be able to get my application through and sorted in time.

Free fall training? Has anyone managed to wrangle that whilst on a GYC?


barkingbugle = dead wrong.

All the GYC Officers in my last unit were employed as troop commanders and were expected to do the whole bit - albeit with a bit more support than a one year CC officer would initially get. There were lots of them spread through 3 regiments and they generally did well and learned loads.

The young officer I had was an excellent operator, very good troop commander and a real star. He took part in a full training year, worked v hard and had a good time. He got two weeks skiing over the year and did the same as all the other subbies. As a swan song he took his troop on an OTX for a month and had thoroughly good time in command.

Remember, whatever mob you go to you should be put in a command position, not used as a spare - worth asking the question. The rules mean that you will not go on ops, but you can do everything else.
Good to hear and i'm happy to be corrected. I can only speak from the impression given by many of my contempories from the corps. I was lucky enough to command a platoon and it was an excellent and challenging experience. The use of an individual GYC officer tends to be left with the immediate chain of command to decide and this seems to result in their wide range of employments... and unemployments.

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