Looking for some hope!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Rafta, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. Sorry if i look a bit cheeky signing up and posting a long post. I'm pretty desperate.

    After a long wait with delays in medical questionaires, docs sending them to the wrong places and forgotten information, i've just gotten the letter to say i'm deferred for a year for something I do NOT have, which is social anxiety. I accept that because i went to a child and adolescent mental health counselling service, and attend a pupil referral unit that takes in bullied and school phobia kids, along with ill kids and does home tuition that it might look like i've been a bit depressed. But i've never ever had a major problem just typical teenage years if that makes sense. I'm going to appeal, since my hopes of harrogate have been dashed if i have to wait a year (i will be 17.3 years :frustrated: ) Can someone give me some kind of heads up on what to include in my appeal and how to go about it. I know i must get a letter from my doc but is there anything else i could include. And should i ask my doctor to say i don't appear to have this? there was not much information on my letter about appealing at all.

    ANY help at all i'm really grateful

    PS I have NEVER been officially diagnosed anxious in any way. Just in the therapists notes.
  2. Go to your doctor and ask?
  3. LOL my doctor was the one who was asking me what to say but nevermind. It's in the post. Will be praying till next monday that my 5am run sessions were not in vain lol