Looking for some help

I'm looking for a bit of help for a guy I met through my job a couple of days ago, he's got some serious medical problems going on, lives on his own with no next of kin or family which he puts down to his time in the military and like most ex forces guys is too proud to ask for help, if anyone knows of someone in London around SW11 area who might be able to help please drop me a PM and I'll give you more details, some of which I can't post in the forum and they might need confirming, I can tell you he was born 1930 and his number starts 222- and comes from Scotland, thanks guys.


If he is in real need get hold of the local SSAFA or RBL office.
That's close to the Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation. Maybe your friend lives there. Either way you could talk to Nick the well-being manager there who may be able to help. 020 7385 2110

Sounds like you have the situation in hand anyway.

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