Looking for some good insults...

Starting to run out of off the cuff derogatory insults... thought you chaps may help me out...

things like..... fuck me your arms must have been killing you after climbing out of the abortion bucket...
"You got in the gene pool when the lifeguard wasn't watching"
your so ugly when you got born the nurses didnt know which end to feed
Last time i saw a gob like yours..it had a hook in it.

What you lack in intelligence, you make up for in stupidity

Your the type of person who can say absolutely nothin..an mean it.

Nice mouth...when does it shut?

If you was a building, you would be condemmed.

Your living proof that evolution can go in reverse.

If brains were taxed...you would get a rebate.

I bet your mum has a loud bark

Your face...my arrse!


Book Reviewer
"The last time I saw something as useless as you, it had been squeezed out of my Arrse, and I flushed it down the pan."
With a face like that, you couldnt pull a chain.
The best one that our drill sgt came up with was.......

" you are just a cum stain on the arrsehole of humanity "

Which was worthy of Lee Ermy in full Metal Jacket.
if your brains were chocolate you wouldn't have enough to fill a fecking smartie
when they found you they werent scraping the barrel, they were looking under it...

so, did your mum have any kids that lived?

you're the kind of man I'd follow anywhere, just out of curiosity....

you couldnt find your arrse with both hands and a maglite....

I've met people like you before, and by met I mean kicked.
You're so ugly you fell out of the ugly tree, hit every branch on the way down. When you hit the floor someone set you on fire and then put you out with a frying pan.

edited for being a mong

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