Looking for some bike help

wondering if anyone on here can give me some advice.

Got an 05 plate FZ-6N and it's been playing up a bit recently. Sometimes when starting it up something doesn't sound right with the engine as if it burbling a bit, when it does that if I come off the revs and they drop down the bike cuts out, electrics stay on but the engine just goes "splut", trying to start it up after this happens I tend to get the same result, only way to keep it running when it's in this mood is to keep the revs up slightly.

Someone had said it might be a dodgy kill switch.

Am I looking at a big repair bill here?

Sorry if I seem a bit ignorant, only started riding the end of last year.
Could be the throttle position sensor, it was a bit of a common problem on the FZ6. Only way to find out is take it to the dealers unfortunately.
Thanks, had a bit of a nosey around the web at those problems and they both seem to match my symptoms so guess it could be either, oh well off to the dealer I go.

Cheers again.
Did you get a diagnosis. To be honest, from your description, it could have been almost anything from fuel to ignition!
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