Looking for Some Bhut Jolokia / Ghost Chilli Advice Please

SWMBO likes her chillis, so I've got her 100 or so Bhut Jolokia ('Ghost Chilli') seeds as a stocking filler from EBay. They came with some good printed instructions, so we'll just have to see how they grow.

The seeds also came with about a gramme of powdered Ghost Chilli.

Two questions:

Are precautions such as wearing gloves when handling the seeds, powder etc., really necessary?

Any suggestions regarding how to use the powder in recipes?


These chillis are F***ING HOT !!!!!!!!!!, in fact they are dangerously hot. YOu can get the seeds from Suttons and you can buy them from the chilli farms in Dorset, where the are trying to hybrid them (they were on BBC earlier this year)

If you like her, be very very careful with them, if you don't, you wicked person.

Advice, eat near A & E or, put the toilet paper in the fridge, run a bath full of very cold water AND DON'T SCRATCH YOUR NUTS FOR A FEW DAYS


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Good advice so far, but can I add not poking yourself in the eye to that list?

I grew them last year, and just holding them used to make my fingers tingle a bit. Don't try and eat them on their own.

Also, I found that they were quite tricky to pollinate indoors. I ended up taking my plant home and leaving it in the garden for the bees to help. I actually got a decent crop off it after that. Mind you, the dogs chewed it when I brought it in for the winter. Poor plant
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