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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by LeoRoverman, May 20, 2012.

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  1. Hi all, I am a newbie on here. What I did in the past is of no consequence although I am an ex scaley. I am however looking for some historical assistance in relation to my dad who was a regular serviceman from 1927-1959. Going through some papers of his and poked behind an old photo I came across something that could be an old divisional patch- though be warned he was a bit of a prankster, bless him. But I am also finding that he may have been involved in suez- something I never guessed when he was alive. The Patches are of a white goose, wings partly unfurled on linen patch forground is Green background yellow. I would be obliged if anyone out there could give me an idea if this was a genuine patch or a spoof.

    Some background- Dad served Rasc in Shanghai 1930's UK, then Palestine mid thirties, Western Desert under Wavell and then Monty back to UK Transferred ROAC northern Germany 45-52. The records get abit hazy as he was technically under Rheindahlen but was not in Germany wound up in Benghazi 1956 where he was winding up equipment for return to UK which must have been suez surplus. Left the army 1959. Any info at all would be appreciated.
  2. Picture please.
  3. Is the old boy dead? Then apply for his service records under FOI Act. You'll need his death certificate and 30 English Pounds.
  4. Dads flash.jpg Herewith the flash. Hi Four Zero Charlie, can you do that on line or is that something you have to do from Kew?
  5. Click here

    I got my Granddad's for my mum not long ago. Send the MOD £30-ish and a few months later you get a big package with all the paperwork they have.
  6. As far as formation signs go, the most definitive source that I have come across is not it a reference book (though one may well exist) or on the internet, but on the wall of the cafe in 'Firepower' the Royal Artillery museum in Woolwich.

    I was there last week and was quite impressed by the collection, they were hand painted replicas, someone's lifetime hobby. They were the same size just about as the cloth originals, there must have been at least (judging by a quick across and down multiplication) about 1500.

    Chances are overwhelming that you are nowhere near Woolwich Arsenal but if all else fails and no one comes up with it on this thread, someone might be near the museum who can have a look for you.

    If there's anyone associated with Firepower reading this, I've love to know if the collection has been catalogued- it much surely be an important reference source on formation signs.

    Edited to read: I should have looked at your location first- I see that you are just down the road from the Woolwich Arsenal !!
  7. I'm asking around for you re the patch. Anyones guess how long it will take to get it identified
  8. Thanks all, for you information. Yers I live down the road from woolwich and many years ago I visted the rotunda but it is mainly artillery and so many changes round there you can't keep track Four Zero Charlie he did not hold a GSM Serial was 44419 Jackson GEJ Rasc. Blimey it get's complicated. I blame me mum for all this papers not passed to me until she died.
  9. .........then you'll have to go down the route of applying as Next of Kin, as WWII service records are still sealed and not available for public scrutiny.

    Good luck.
  10. That's a swan, not a goose.
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  11. I see you had a good gander at it and deduced correctly - or did you have the neck to do a web search?
  12. 8256 Mick Bless you sir, I have just been going through his rather tatty pay book and guess what I found- he did get a GSM- but I've never seen it as I have his medals and would never part with them , it also says he was in Egypt 1933, then to Palestine until 8/12/35, then back to Egypt until 37 when he had a spell at home. I seem to recall he mentioned that he was involved in laying mines on the Libyan Egyptian border when the Italians started in Eritrea. But he never mentionned anything about the post war period around suez. Was there a medal for suez or was that unofficial. By the way chaps I think all those who have responded are stars. Thank you so much.

    What I do know is that he was a WoII twice once in RASC and then in RAOC and rejected a commission twice-which of course didn't do me any favours but he had been one of the youngest NCO driving trainers in the RASC.
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  13. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Interesting that that page refers to the Bays and to Barce. There is an ex-Bay on Arrse who originally called himself BarceBandit but changed it to BenghaziBandit. He has made an awful lot of posts on Arrse and he is also a member of the official 15th/19th The King's Royal Hussars Facebook group (non-public) as a friend.

    It doesn't take a genius to work out that he was in the Bays in Barce. I'd recommend you PM him if you think he might be useful, but to be honest I have seen and heard nothing from him for several months: hope he hasn't been posted to the great tank park in the sky.