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Looking for some advice!

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I am new to this forum and joined because I have many questions to ask and no one to ask them to.
I am 21 years old and from Northern Ireland. I currently work in a Tesco supermarket and absolutly hate it. Sort of like the army advert. Beep. Beep. Beep.

All I think about everyday is joining the army. Spend ages on the website looking at the roles and things I could be achieving.

I am about 5' 10 and weigh 142 pounds. The only thing that is stopping me from applying is I do not feel very confident about my fitness.
It is somewhat lacking and I am aware and feel strongly about improving it.

I am aware joining will certainly be a life changing experience and there will be times I will hate it and want to quit, but I guess that's part of breaking you down and building you back up.

What I am wanting to know do I need to beef up abit and do you have to be pretty fit going straight in or do the army build your fitness and help you if you struggled or do you just get beasted?

Basically, for those who have seen full metal jacket, I don't want to be private Pyle.

Any advice would be welcome and hopefully from some who were or are in a similar situation.

Thanks for reading
turn off the pc, walk outside, run.

it really is that simple. the recruitment process takes more than enough time for you to get yourself into shape which is what the army are expecting you to have as a min standard going in.

spend some time researching the requirments for the role your interested, see where your at fitness wise. make a training plan working your way toward and past the requirment.

the recruitment process is a competition and most other "competitors" work this out by themselfs. if your serious about swapping the blue shirt for a real uniform get the finger out.

good luck.
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