Looking for Soldier in BATUS may/april 2000

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by canadia794, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. You might think Im daft, but I am looking for a soldier called Tomo....in BATUS in 2000 April May time posibly on a posting or 6 month tour.....Last name Thomson, mate called Winksy or Winks...I know its a long shot but a mate is looking for them.....Any help would be greatly appreciated.......
  2. Someone pregnant then? :D
  3. Pregnant after 7 yrs???

    I got 2 Tommos in my unit and a Smudge!

    Does that help?
  4. Fcking long gestation period (80 odd months), but then i have sampled many a Canadian lady(ish) in my time. Some of them were not of this earth so it could be possible. I wonder how many half British kids have had to grow up a hick Cleetus type Canuck, ignorant to the fact that his real Dad was a Bill Oddie? Tragic really.
  5. A vague bell rings to tell me that's about the time syph takes to start rotting things.

    Apropos of nothing.
  6. "Our" Tommo might now be the father of the Chief of the Blackfoot? and as such has land rights in that Dump.

    It shouldnt be too hard to track him down, its not like there are that many "Tommo's" around. If i were a betting man i would say he was about 5' 10", Stocky, short hair and a tache.

    Alternatively Tommo may be Poxed up to the eyeballs.
  7. Oh Tommo!! I know a few Tommos!! I'm a Smudge. I know a Chalky white too, does that help at all?
  8. Anyone know where dusty and dinger are?
  9. I saw them on the lash with Spud yesterday.
  10. No fcuking sh1t?!
  11. Could you let Windy know he left his Beret in the mess
  12. I'll send Taff 'round to deliver the message after he pops in to see Ging' and Scouse.
  13. Do they have the equivilent of CSA in Canada???

    Someone could be getting a big bill shortly.
  14. Best RTFQ next time hadn't I :oops: :cry:
  15. Bloody hell you lot, bloke asks a simple question.

    Here you go mate, all the info you need.