Looking for Samaritan CVR(T) armoured ambulance pictures.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by tankieboy, Sep 19, 2004.

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  1. Looking for pictures of the Samaritan CVR(T) armoured ambulance as they are like rocking horse shit to find on the Internet.

    This seemed like the logical place to request as I am not sure if RAMC use them or of enough interest in the RAC forum section(s).

    A point to an undiscovered website or personal pictures via email will be thankfully received, especialy internal shots (no pun).


    Thanks Chaps/Chapets.
  2. Yes another two of that quality is all that I can find.
  3. I used to use www.trackpads.com for piccies for AFV rec lessons

    It was free, bit yank and full of piccies
  4. Thanks but the site is giving me grief.
  5. I have a couple taken on Saif Sareea II - will forward them from my pers computer this evening.
  6. Wow thanks guys. Top draw.
  7. Looking forward to those pictures ViroBono :D .
  8. BT's 'we can switch your line in 24-hours' of almost 4 weeks ago has finally happened. You have mail, Tankie-boy.
  9. Thanks VB for coming through, nice one.

    Still need loads more, especially the inside rear.