Looking for reasonable priced family room Southampton

Discussion in 'Travel' started by CptDanjou, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. Looking for reasonable priced family room near (West of ) or in Southampton , 2 adults 2 sprogs , Sat 8th June , 1 night , any suggestions ?
  2. Novotel by Central railway station, generally so cheap groups on a night out in the town book rooms rather than pay for taxis home. Clean and safe though.
  3. Budget IBIS near the Novotel/regular IBIS. Quite central, pleasant walk into centre of city/waterfront. One big car park serves all three. Can have breakfast in any of the three, just pay for it. Clean, no hassle and easy to use for parking and trains/coaches. Ask not to be put on the McDonalds side as it gets late revelers.
  4. Sat 8th June? Might be back home by now.
  5. notwithstanding, this thread is likely to go on for days yet, then be revivied in 2 years time.
  6. Yes Trigger. He said some numbers. I know. What if that advice helps someone else? Took me all of 2 seconds to write but may save someone a lot of time. :eek:)
  7. Exactly no one has started on Southampton's supply of slags, which plant pot to piss in local nightclubs and any history about the Luftwaffe ..i don't know...parachuting in trained cats which were to take the city over. It would seem that students and stag parties won that battle.
    I quite liked the place though. Is mainly just a base for the New Forest for me. I loikes it right enough. Loik.
  8. Christchurch if you like the forest and it's not quite Bournmouth.