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Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by lioness, May 4, 2004.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    Looking to correspond with a squaddie or two :)
    Not after sex or crap like that, just want friendship that's all.
    long hair, hazel eyes and very petite. Got a good SOH, tho I take no sh*t from anyone, you've been warned! :wink:
    so get in touch if you're interested xx :D
  2. Could you handle two? And any room for an ex-squaddie? And what's this 'Not after sex or crap like that' thing? What are you after :wink: ??
  3. could i handle two? ha ha thats for me to know. hmmm an ex squaddie? nah gotta be a serving squaddie, why you ask? cause i just do thats why :D
    and as for the no sex and crap? well read it how it is, not up for a quick shag or getting anyone off while online, just a genuine female looking for a genuine friendship tis all.
    told you i dont mince my words didnt i :mrgreen: [/b]
  4. I'll hand you over to the pack then. Good luck. :D
  5. you may be in for quite a wait :D
  6. Great minds think alike :D .............................
  7. To quote Elwood Blues, "They're not the kind of guys who write letters".
  8. what is this "genuine friendship" thing?
  9. I think that's something to do with giving her your real address after. :lol:

  10. Having the courtesy to contact her AFTER you get a shag 8) .
  11. Clearly not a concept understood round here then. Daft wench needs to contact the JWs if she wants one of these "genuine friendship" larks.
  12. Well I'm up for a bit of "genuine friendship". I can string a sentance along, although my attention span is less then an hour if I know the night is not gonna end in hubber-hubber, if you catch my drift.

  13. Its female speak for "I want some c**k but dont want to ask out right because I may look a little easy"!!! :roll: