Looking for penpals



Hi Guys,
Looking to correspond with a squaddie or two :)
Not after sex or crap like that, just want friendship that's all.
long hair, hazel eyes and very petite. Got a good SOH, tho I take no sh*t from anyone, you've been warned! :wink:
so get in touch if you're interested xx :D


could i handle two? ha ha thats for me to know. hmmm an ex squaddie? nah gotta be a serving squaddie, why you ask? cause i just do thats why :D
and as for the no sex and crap? well read it how it is, not up for a quick shag or getting anyone off while online, just a genuine female looking for a genuine friendship tis all.
told you i dont mince my words didnt i :mrgreen: [/b]
lioness said:
not up for a quick shag or getting anyone off while online, just a genuine female looking for a genuine friendship tis all.
you may be in for quite a wait :D
To quote Elwood Blues, "They're not the kind of guys who write letters".
Clearly not a concept understood round here then. Daft wench needs to contact the JWs if she wants one of these "genuine friendship" larks.
Well I'm up for a bit of "genuine friendship". I can string a sentance along, although my attention span is less then an hour if I know the night is not gonna end in hubber-hubber, if you catch my drift.
Drop me a pvt message with a few details and lets take it from there :wink:


well well, I did rattle some cages didn't I lol.
It's pretty simple really, just a friendship is what I'm asking, not a shag cause I'm not a whore, so where is the problem? can't see one really.
Guess it's hard to except that a woman has some dignity and respect for herself, but hey... if this is what you really want guys then here goes....
I'm very attractive and know it therefore I can usually get what I want I'm also a fantastic f**k. ok that better for you? lmao
not here to make enemies nor looking for love or shit just a mate for crying out, what is so fecking wrong with that? and as for coming out and saying that I just want some c**k?... dudes you have a lot to learn, getting that is like taking candy from a baby, that I can get at a snap of my fingers seems friendship is the hard f***ker lol. oh well, roll on the hate postings... bring it on lads lol.

The Boyz are are talk - Bless 'em!!

These lads aren't brave enough to be seen to be nice in public - would ruin their street cred! Keep an eye on your Private Messages as that is where the genuine ones will get in touch. :wink:



oh and A-Team-Lewis? daft wench I ain't, intelligent yes, hey f**k that's it! I gotta be dumb and up for it to get anywhere with a squaddie huh. :lol: well s**t n damn it, knew I was doing something wrong.
but there again, it's just a uniform and a lifestyle you lead and underneath it all you're just human beings so maybe there really is a genuine peep out there :?
I was in Army, I know what you guys are like but not all of you carry the same tag :wink:

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