Looking for Paddy Brady

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by tafft, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. Ladies & Gentlemen of The Corp,i`ve tried the social networking forum with little joy so thought I would try the direct route.
    I`m trying to find Patrick [Paddy] Brady,last seen in 77 serving with 26 Armd.at Hohne,he was a corporal driver & also a qualified diver,[his earlier posting was at RE Diving School,Marchwood.
    I would appreciate any news however vague.Thank you.
  2. I think he served in 4sqn in Nienburg in around 80 - 83 ish -- favourite saying -- "these doors can kills yous" refering to the back of the 432..

    Dont know what happened to him after that
  3. I know what that saying refers to :twisted:

    Although don't know about Paddy.
  4. Mel


    Hi Tafft
    Just been sent this link thru facebook. Paddy married my mum in 83 and became my stepdad (altho I always saw him as my DAD!!). He was based in Chatham then back to Nienburg in 85, 7 Fd Sqn then RHQ. Became Sgt mess manager in 86 - 92 when he was posted to Tywyn in Wales for his last 18 months service then they settled there. ( It was quite amusing for the locals having a big guiness drinking Irish bloke in the village) He completed 25 years service. Unfortunately, we lost him to a heart attack in Sept 95 age 45. He's still very much missed, was a fantastic husband, dad and grandad.
    If you want any more info, please contact me on facebook Mel Newman was Brady. Thanks
  5. the paddy brady i knew in 4 sqn from 74 till around 80,,shallow water diver ,,nicked me a couple of times,,was a member of water buffs to
  6. chimera

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