looking for old reme friends from 70s Germany

Hello to all on the forums, doing this for my other half as he is not very computer friendly, he is looking for 3 guys that he worked with in his reme days.
My other half is Bill Black, he joined reme in 1965 - 1985 and went to Arbofield ( not the apprentices side )
was all over the uk, middle east, and germany, he was attached to the scots greys, and was also in dortmund with 4th arm and 5th arm division.
Also went back to arbofield later on in career to train the young lads.

Information of the guys he is trying to trace is

Derek Worswick ( could have been warswick), He was a recovery mechanic, his wife was called vanessa, and we were stationed dertmond germany in the mid seventies. He is probably ages with Bill (in his 60's )
If Derek is reading this ( or anyone who knows him)

Other 2 I only have names for but again from mid to late 70's
Davie Proudfoot and Paddy White
I would love to get back in touch with any of them,if anyone can help i would be very grateful

Bill also played a lot of football with the reme, sometimes playing 2 games on the trot if the next team coming on was short of a player,
If anyone knows of bill to help him jog the old brain cells that would be great, or if you know of any of the guys he is loooking for.

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