looking for old muckers

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 2civdiv, May 13, 2007.

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  1. I am looking for old friends that might be on the site i joined in 1996 and left in 2001 i have lost contact with alot of good friends and am looking to get in touch again. I was royal signals and posted to 21 sigs (AS) between 1998 and 2001.
  2. I was never there myself, but I could put you in touch with a couple of people I know where there at that time who I am still in contact with myself....
  3. sound i was in 220sqn as a sys op but was good mates with some tg's aswell so any names will be gratefully recieved
  4. I may have been your SQMS in 220 after moving from the Regimental MT. God I hated that OC and that friggin SQMS job ugggghhhhhhhhhhh

    Tazzer from Down Under
  5. :D :D I worked in the SQMS store 244 Sig SQN, 21 Sig Regt 1992 till Oct 1997. Know alot of good blokes, trying to catch up with some good pals myself. Transferred to Large Corp in 2000 for my sins. Do you know the email address for H H*rr*p or Del P trying to get hold of them. Would love to get in touch with them onces again :? :? :? :? :? :? :D :D

    ****Edited NO NAMES****

    If you want to find old muckers why don't you write or email the Regt Association? Try R SIGNALS ASSOCIATION
  6. i was there at that time mate. TG....u may know me, was captain of the football team, and usually found at the horse and hounds! cant remember off hand any sys ops from there tho, but sure u will put me right! and i really hope the sqms that replied is who i think it is.... top man! and yup the oc and sgt mjr were tossers! :x
  7. Crickey, im mad for it tonight....

    I did 2 tours at 21, 2nd was in 220 (C troop) from 00-03.

    Laters bud,

  8. Hello Richie,

    I was in A Tp 94-97 and had some outstanding times during that posting. God it was like Bath was our playground. Fantastic times, great memories, constantly overdrawn!!

    The Grapes, a second home to the Orphans. Saw Tacky in there 2000 when I stopped in enroute to Brecon. Had a storming night out with him and although hard to believe, yours truly woke up on the Sunday morning on a musty mattress on the top floor of the King William boozer!! Still, my back doors were intact so harm done!!

    Would be great to catch up with some of the old boys again. Think I know which SQMS youre on about, he who copped for a BFA in his back on a battle camp??

  9. was in A tp myself.... 98/2000 well not entirely true, as i was thrown out after 16mnths! and spent time in the other tps/sqns! for having a personality! and the grapes.... barmaid jason!!!! was a hive for the lads! dug it the most.. but expensive!!! constantly overdrawn, but some good times, and not too bad a posting, if it wasn't for the over zealous snco's! and a couple of serious sad case OC's! as for the sqms... think i got it wrong... was thinking of something that sounds like gala!!! :?
  10. Yeah had a few top nights in the grapes and caddies top sticky carpet club!
  11. i was in O troop 220 sigsqn from around 94 Laarbruch to 97 Bath where i D kitted, is anyone still out there ? pm me.
  12. I remember picking up said SQMS from the Hospital after being released after the BFA incident. Nurses let me watch them pack his wound. Never seen so much bandage come out of such a small hole..... I also remember being on the battle camp when it happened. How I laughed when we were driving out of the camp to return to bath watching all SNCO's checking every single box of blank/live to make sure there were no mixes.

    Bath on the lash, absolutely awesome. Was in 244 94 - 97.
  13. Try Lichfield Det ACF DC and new PI are both ex Sigs