Looking for old muckers Reunion

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by BANDSMAN69, Jul 1, 2013.

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  1. I am in the process of trying to find as many people as I can for a reunion next year, so far I have managed find a good number through our regimental web site, friends reunited, forces reunited, word of mouth and facebook.

    However, there are number that are proving problematic, has anybody ideas where I can go next, I was thinking about using the Salvation Army, local radio etc.

    Has anybody been in this position before, any advice would be appreciate thanks
  2. Put an advert for the event in Soldier Magazine.
  3. Thanks will do
  4. I recently found myself in the same sort of situation, I was looking for people I last saw in BAOR in 1971, I found one or two through the same sources you have quoted but there was one or two I really wanted to contact, but couldn't. One of the guys was from Ashington I remembered , so I searched through online directories, for all those of the same surname in the Ashington area and after a relatively short while found myself speaking to an elderly lady, a distant relative, who gave me the address of my mates brother and so to my mates details, who was now living in Nottingham.
  5. Always remember; some might not wish to be found.....
  6. Blackhat? Att 11th H?
  7. Indeed it is Jerry, had a chat with Bob P before.
    Hi Skids, for sure there are a couple of mates who didn't make it this far including one who attended my wedding in 1970, fortunately most are still around if somewhat scattered far and wide.