Looking for old friends

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Jockfarmer, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. Alright Lads,

    I'm looking for old friends and i've been told you are all here, i was with A,Z then C Sqns 3RTR and the F sqn in the 2nd, i left after the NI tour of '97,

    You'll know me, i lived in the Naafi bar and the Hairy Pig.
  2. go on to forums..rac---3rtr..or ajax ,,badger forum....will help...pup.
  3. You got there first, again, pup. Just to BUMP this, 'cos I can see him stood in chatroom on his own ....... I'm sure someone 3RTR will find Jock's post soon.
  4. Were you F-in-Belfast?
  5. I was at the Maze
  6. check your PMs "Jockfarmer"
  7. er, lol.
  8. Were you at the Maze?
  9. Girdwood mate.