Looking for old friend - 7 Para RHA

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by MICKY1, May 25, 2006.

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  1. Hi There

    Just wondering if anyone can help...................am looking for an old friend who was serving with 7 PARA RHA when they were still stationed at Aldershot. Don't think I am allowed to use full names on here so will just say that his surname is Ashmore and he would be in his early 30's now. Small scottish guy (from Coatbridge originally) who if you knew him I'm sure you would remember!

    Just wondering what he was up to these days and how he was doing. If anyone has any info. or if they know him and could direct him to this post then great.

    Thx :D
  2. Very funny.......... :D :D

    Nothing like that but knew him for a quite a few years when he was in Hampshire and was just wondering what he's up to now and how he's getting on generally. Last time I spoke to him was just after one of his brothers had got married and he was on his way back down to Aldershot, which was quite a while ago now!
  3. Oh yeah mate I know him he said make sure put the PARA bit in brachets because it's only a stand in title you f**kin hat tw*t !!!!!!!!! because you are not a paratrooper you don't serve in a company in a battalion of the parachute regiment regular or otherwise do ya?????? and your motto was never utrinque paratus
  4. But all joking aside my friend if he's in aldershot mate all you have to do is visit he old airborne haunts and ask the bar staff because they'll remember him because even tho we've all left the shot we're not forgotten and still hold the minor celebrity status from so long ago !!!!!!!
  5. Also try forces reunited friends reunited and even ask around the Airborne forces association and your association for the RA hope you find him mate !!!!!!
  6. Thx (I think) but am not in the Army at all just happened upon this website when I was looking around to see if I could find anything about him, so am not a 'Hat' sorry!

    Don't think he would be in Aldershot still as didn't 7 RHA move to Colchester or somewhere a few years back?

    That is if he's even still in the army, I just don't know!!.....but never mind was just interested in seeing whether I could find out what he's up to now.

    Thx anyway
  7. oh so he's still in so in that case mate his address would be kirkee/mcmunn barracks goojerat barracks 16 aa brigade colchester essex but at the moment he'll be out in Afghanistan at forward operating base brise or camp bastion in the helmand province with my old battalion!!!!!!
  8. Thx Tarik for your replys, thats a big help!!

    Do you know how long they are supposedly away for?
  9. They're out there for 6 months and they went out at intervals between end of march/beginning of april(ish)
  10. Mickey check your PM's.

    P.S Taric you're a crow and did you ever spend time in the shot?
  11. Oh so i take it you're one of them who thinks time served makes you harry big spanners just stop right there mate !!!