Looking for old DS

Not sure how well this will be received but I'm confident someone will understand why I have taken this approach.
I was at Pirbright in 1997 and after Larkhill I had a really good few years at 7th and then 34 Bty before leaving to have a pop at civvy street.
My problem is this, in phase 1 I had an instructor from 26 who essentially targeted me for the duration of what was then 10 weeks. Hearing I was an ex cadet and that I was the Lord Liutenants Cadet prior to joining he started to turn the screw a bit but it developed with speed.
He coerced a couple of lads into giving me a few digs on adventure training and repeatedly charged me, in one instance he blatantly picked up my rifle on exercise, walked a few paces away from me then went ballistic in front of everyone before thrashing me up and down concrete hill again in front of everyone, he also had an issue with me being from Northern Ireland and suggested I had no business being there due to this.

I remember being really pissed off but at 17 and 9 stone pissed wet through I didn't feel capable of complaining but the arrival of a new DS from 7 RHA who recognised that my phys levels were worth encouraging.

Long and the short is I want to ask him why he went massively overboard on what was essentially a kid, I was quiet, I listened in and my admin was tip top both in the field and in camp, I played rugby for the gunners and remember seeing him briefly but didn't take the opportunity.

His name was ** Edited** from 26 Regt RA, shirt, blonde haired, very loud and would have been at Pirbright from 97 onwards, would appreciate anyone who could link me into some form of contact with him.

Cheers all for listening to my drivel. !!
I wouldnt bother if I was you. You get cnuts in all walks of life and he was probably just that.
Your probably right but it still bugs the shit out of me, I was severely introverted in phase 2 and only came out of my shell a couple of years later, I'm not after cracking his skull just to find out what the issue was, suppose if he reads this he'll click on straight away which weedy little teenager from NI I am !

Strangely enough he worked in tandem with another shameless bully from 19/5 Bty called ** Edited **, he was one of the RP staff on a series of Bad Lads Army, another small little shouty man who screwed money out of the troop for a washing machine and dryer that never materialised.
Let it go.

And the one you mention wasn't 19/5. He was AMF, but there is a subtle difference.
Speaking as one of the oldies....my advice is move on.
my generation of t/staff had some right cnuts, But I would like to meet some now in a pub

..and do you know what? we'd probably laugh about when I was a gobby little ****.
Fair responses and taken on board.

Fact remains that he walled me up in the smoking area of Maudes Bty block and told me to wrap or he'll '******* make me', prick, I'll let sleeping dogs lie.

It was me,

I did it mainly for kicks and giggles but also because you're a ****.


Ps I have since changed trades and become a padre - PM to arrange a big hug. I will bring some testicles that you can keep.

Edited to add - as this is not the NAAFI I should point out that it was not really me and I am only mucking about and I wish you a happy life and keep your chin up it will be ok.
**** that! I'm with John01 - find him, and kick the **** out of him.

You'll feel sooooo much better after.........no duff.
**** that! I'm with John01 - find him, and kick the **** out of him.

You'll feel sooooo much better after.........no duff.
Yeah, I bet you are 9st piss wet through, eh, Flubber!
Me?...Sun bronzed adonis, dear heart, sun bronzed adonis.
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