Looking for old buddies from 70s in Germany can anyone help

Hi to all in the forum
I was at 4th armd and also 5th armd wrksp in in the late 70's,
I have been trying to locate 2 guys from late 70's so any old and bold on here may be able to help me

1st guy from 4th armd wksps is a guy by the name of Derek worswick ( could have been warswick, he was a rech mech, quite a big guy, loved football supported aston villa, his wife was called Vanessa, they came from the Birmingham area. We were stationed at 4th arm wksps in dortmond at the time
Got a message from reme p & p site last night by a guy that knew Derek at it said

Could have Been Warswick) I came across Derek at either 4/7 RDG or 4 Arm'd Wksp, both in Detmold in the mid to late eighties.My memory is poor too. He was a Recovery Mechanic and lived up on the Hak, I don't know what happened to Derek from being posted from there but he was a nice genuine guy a really good Recy Mech and I am pleased to have served with him.Sorry I can't help you futher
This would take Derek into the 80's I lost touch in the late 70's, if this jogs anyones memory i would be glad of any information.

The other guy i am trying to locate was a rech mech again late 70's from 5th Armd wksps in Soest
His name was Dave proudfoot and he was a sergent, his wife was called Jackie, I did get an adress but its a decade out of date.

I got a mesage again from reme site saying

I knew a VM called Dave Proudfoot from the late 70's, early 80's from 7 Armd Wksp at Fally. We did a NI tour in 82 together.

Again this would take Dave into the 1980's, if anyone can remember anything about these 2 guys please get in touch
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