Looking for obscure disbanded unit.

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by llech, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. Not sure where to cast my net, so to speak.

    I recently found out my Grandad was a PSi of a TA unit 1946/1958 (approx) now the unit was in the town of Porthmadog (it's now an Aldi) and was Royal Welch Fusiliers, however it was also a Light AA unit possibly ___ Regt RA(RWF).
    Must've specialised in Bofors 40mm as my Mam remembers Taid(Grandad) taking her for a ride on the Bofors (that's NOT a euphamism) to spice things up it was an Airborne unit.

    Now Google isn't being my friend, does anyone know which way to point me? Much appreciated ta.
  2. Just done a quick Google for you. Hopefully this might help.

  3. Or, alternatively (and further to the above).

  4. They certainly had some epic regimental titles in those days!

    Reminds me of the anecdotes about the problems encountered when the Allied staffs were formed for the planning of D Day: the US staff found it near impossible to understand or remember the complex titles and acronyms of some Commonwealth regiments.
  5. Outstanding, thanks. Wonder where I was going wrong? What animal were they then Para,RWF or RA? No wonder they disbanded!
  6. I think the second result is the more likely one, so I imagine they were mostly RWF-RA, with the Para side only coming in in their last years.
  7. Again many thanks. I wonder how many other obscure long forgotten units were pepperd accros the UK?
  8. I believe they were badged RA but retained some RWF dress distinctions: flash, hackle etc. There's a scouse TA battery that still retains its Liverpool Irish dress distinctions. I was very much WTF? when I first encountered them several years ago: caubeen, wierd hackle and RA capbadge.
  9. I've got a Book on TA Gunner units by Norman Litchfield. I'll have a look tomorrow and see what I can come up with.
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  10. OK, couldn't wait until tomorrow, your Grandad was in either 635 Light Anti-Aircraft Regt RA (Royal welch) (TA) or 636 Light Anti-Aircraft Regt RA (Royal welch) (TA). Both came into existence in 1947 and amalgametd in 1955 to form 446 (Royal Welch) Airborne) LAA Regt RA (TA). both Regts wore the Royal Welch Fusiliers black five ribboned flash on No. 1 Dress and Battledress. They also wore RWF cap badges and buttons. 446 converted to Infantry in 1956.

  11. Much appreciated Op Ack, certainly seems like an AdHoc/War nessecity unit, I did hear about when he went to fetch a new "Billy" mascot, so I suppose it would've been heavily influenced by RWF traditions.
    As I said befroe he was a PSI and had the keys to the Gun Shed as Mam called it, were he would take kids (all so innocent in them days) for rides on the Bofors, he was RE Armoured Farmer in Italy during the 39/45 ruckus (435 Field Park Sqn if I remember correctly) he also had embarasingly high standards to which his RSM would stop at nothing to trip him up, he even went as far as being carried onto the Parade Square on a door by his mates so his uniform was flawless!
    I'll try dig out some photo's next time I see my Grandmother.
  12. my uncle was in the army WAAAAAAAAAAY back in the day, he was with a missile battery im lead to believe all i got to go off is Arcot? bit vague, hes in his late 50's now any guesses?
  13. Here you go, Mr47....

    36 'Arcot' Missile Bty
    19 'Gibralter' Missile Bty
    15 Missile Bty

    These three Bty's were part of 50 Missile Regt. RA
    Check out the 50 Missile website for more info.
  14. Not forgetting 51 Kabul Missile Bty