Looking for: NVGs

Cheapest I've seen a pair recently was £100 on eBay, but I haven't a clue what I'm looking for really - only for a pair that works and is affordable :)

Anyone able to point me towards a potential buy?
it depends what you want it for really...i wouldnt buy night vision goggles.i have a night vision monocular.cos then you can get them fully waterproof...goggles arnt waterproof and you dont want to be messing bout with waterproof cases...there is a shop that lets you try them out.but cvant remember it at the mo...if you want to attach it to your head you still can still attach a lot of monoculars using head straps or helmet clip...and theyre a lot lighter and less bulky than goggles. Price well at the end of the day you pay for waht yopu get..a brought mine for 200 quid..(minus head strap) and it works well...just depends on what you want to use it for!!
hope this helps.oh yeah one good place is http://www.rusmilitary.com/
A friend of mine has a cam-corder with image intensifier built in, its a great bit of kit, but I suppose it depends what you want to use it for.
Ok with night vision you have to becareful what you go after, so it depends on the generation of the goggle or monocular you are after.

For around 100 quid you are looking at gen 1. These are ok, but require a IR light source to make full use of them.

Gen 3 use passive , so no need for a IR Light source, also means it doesnt give your postion away to anyone else with goggles.

Ebay are ok for these, but again its all depends what you intend to use it for, either on Ex, or just for perving at people.

Another place you migt want to have a a look at is www.sovietbazaar.com
The bloke there Ivan (funnily enough thats his real name) seem quiet good, as they do ex soviet goggles.

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