Looking for my grandfather who served with the

2nd Battalion Royal Higlanders:

He enlisted in the Royal Highlanders and his barraks were at Fort George in 1929.

I am trying to get his date of birth for my geneology tree which I started recently.

Would the regiment still have records from that time?
I don't when he joined but I know he was 25 years old when he was there in 1929. , He may have joined at the age of 16 0r 17 in WW1 time and stayed on?
I am not sure just guessing with his age.

Anyway, would it be possible to track him down with just a few details?
His name, age, and rank.

I believe this Battalion is now known as the Black Watch?

Thanks for any info in advance.
I'll let you know if I see him - any message, in case I do?
you need to ring JPAC not sure of their number but if you google it...

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