Looking for military gear/equipment consultant

I am currently running several successful online stores in all kind of industries. I am now looking to start up a store in the outdoor/military clothing and equipment niche. I did a lot of research on my own but would need the input of a qualified person to consult me which products to promote and keep me updated in product demands.

So if you are a current or former member army member and would like to work part time on a consultant basis please just PM me here.

I'm going to pay on a fixed hourly rate and if we work well together I am also willing to offer a profit share on the shop revenues.

Consultations going to take place via Skype or if possible for you in person in London.
I am looking forward to hear from you!
It sounds good to me and I am able to start immedietly

Can you PM me any more details

Many thanks

Another one that ticks the boxes and would be very interested.

Current serving member. Just completed 4th tour of afghanistan. Upto date with the current demads of guy's on the ground both on home soil and away.

Please PM me if the oppotunity is still available


Kit Reviewer
I don't want to rain on your parade but the Online Military Equipment market is absolutely saturated here in the UK. The US is a much bigger market (Blackhawk for example don't even bother sending sales staff to the UK, one State in the US is a bigger market than the whole of the UK, they're busy with Military Contracts, and this is why their equipment is hard to source). Unless you have a one stop shop for absolutely everything that's necesarry you'll be crowded out. Also bear in mind that the Armed Forces are being cut, the War in Afghanistan will be starting to wind down next year, the Army is changing Camouflage. It is debatable whether Multicam will be a good enough match to MTP to pass muster with eagle eyed WO2's, and the new original MTP is restricted to Manufacturers supplying the UK Armed Forces. This means other than the odd bit on Fleabay, and some of the belt kit pouches where Multican is good enough, supplying kit the troops can wear will be nigh on impossible. A Multicam Grenade Pouch - fine. But Smocks, Trousers and other clothing bar the odd pair of socks and a UBACS - Multicam isn't going to cut it.

The downside with the US market is the ridiculous Berry legislation which discourages better manufacturers from supplying the US, so our Cousins end up with some crap personal equipment. Combined with the fact that the US armed forces are way more **** than the Brits when it comes to issue kit. They have different Camouflage depending on service, and unlike the British it is debatable which Camo they will adopt once the useless UCP is ditched. Right now the US are working on it but it is debatable whether Multicam will be the US Choice.

I like Gucci kit as much as the next man - see some of my reviews. But the Black bag is pretty good and its all free. By the time you've launched and built up some brand loyalty, we may not be fighting any more.

That said, some of the Postal Charges for the delivery of kit in the UK are ridiculous, so you could gain traction there. If I want a set of rank slides, I should be paying first class postage, not some ridiculous courier fee.

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