looking for mess dress

Discussion in 'REME' started by steve_lightyear, Nov 3, 2008.

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  1. does anyone have any mess dress for sale, christmas is coming up and i still need to find a waistcoat, and shirt and bow tie.

    and are you allowed clip on bow ties??
  2. Try the Corps Kit Agency at Arborfield.
  3. I have a complete set, £100 and it's yours. PM me if your interested.

    Been out 18 months and its taking up quality civilian attire in the wardrobe.
  4. As above, same sketch, want £100 for mine also. pm me if you want details
  5. Check ebay there are a few on there at the moment.
  6. Hi,

    Would anyone have a number for the Corps Kit Agency at Arborfield.

  7. It's in the Crafty mag, if you can't find it elsewhere.
  8. For those guys selling their kit - could you list the sizes?

  9. 44" chest, 36"waist, 32" inside leg.

    Standard 5'11", 13 stone GS issue squaddie ;)
  10. Does anyone know the address or contact details of the Corps kit agency at Arborfield please
  11. Whitehouse aide Monica Lewinski deffo had one, it made her a mint!
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  12. I'm going to give that a like and a bump in case anyone missed it - cause its quality! Well done that man, or woman - curses to the anonimity of the interweb....
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