looking for male pen pal

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by gingababeno1, Feb 10, 2011.

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  1. i am looking for a male penpal 20-25
    i am 19 and have always wanted to do this so here we go
  2. Erm.....

  3. ^_^^_^ agreed !!
  4. POF not your thing young lady ????
  5. It might be a bloke. Look out for the man in the Superman pants.........
  6. Nobody's informed her of the first rule... An introductory topless pic is required before you'll get any interest ;-P

    Although, noticing the username... if you're proper 'ginga' just a shot from the neck down works for me
  7. I'm 29 and can't write
  8. Pictures are compulsary I would have thought,

    The snail: possible, time may tell.. Between Walts & wind up merchants, arrse attracts all ;-)
  9. You're too old for he/she/it anyway!;-P
  10. OI I resemble that comment
  11. you can have my ex if you want, mikeys name is whispered in awe on this site. Good luck with finding someone here hun. PM me cos im chatting to few really nice DECENT guys whod love another penpal. Jenni xxxx
  12. really?? you must have read a shitload of filth to find them
  13. Jenni, without having a dig, most of us are 'decent' as you so put it ;-) hope the OP has success either which way this thread ends up...

  14. LOL, you have no idea!! :) im traumatised to say the least and im sure if id used an igaunadon lizard as one guy suggested itd be traumatised to . Jennixx
  15. oi you said you wouldnt tell i said that