Looking For Kit?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wg100, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. Wondering where your kit has gone?

    British Army Auctions Old Kit Online

    They are selling used boots - and I always thought that worn kit handed in to the QMs was destroyed. Anone want a pair of smelly size 9s?
  2. Why destroy it if it can be sold on and recover some of the cost from that sale?

    Just where on earth did you think all that part-worn kit came from that fills surplus shops? Do you have someone else do your laces for you?
  3. From guys leaving, flogging off their excess kit. I was told that once kit was returned which had been worn next to the skin, then it couldn't be re-issued and was destroyed. Guess what I heard was wrong...
  4. No your partly right I can remember seeing Shirt GS being cut up and told the same thing ...still didnt stop them issuing me a 2nd hand towel though :shakefist:
  5. So that's where it ended up. I hope the stains washed out.

    I did try Vanish. SHE disappeared but the stains never seemed to.
  6. Don't know what drugs the webmasters on,!!!!!!!