Looking for KA-50 pictures


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...not quite filthy postcards but not far off.

Having Googled and Infoweb'd and not got far I'd be j.grateful for somebody with a light blue hat to point me in the right direction where I can get some .jpg's of the Kamov Ka-50 if possible plse.

(my lad's being playing one of these blasted PC flight sims which pitches Boeing Commanche against the Kamov. Thought I'd try and find some facts rather than the built-in pro-US bias in the game.)

I remember seeing the Havoc at a Farnborough show back in the 90's - not sure the Hokum has displayed in this country ?

Ta esso,aviationists.

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Goatman said:
I'd be j.grateful for somebody with a light blue hat to point me in the right direction where I can get some .jpg's of the Kamov Ka-50 if possible plse.
JPEGs be damned, try the following site for a damn good MPEG :)

http://www.rusarm.ru/exprod.htm (look for "videos" on the top bar)
Or, for a direct link, download:
(Handy hint: if you want to save the videos, go to http://www.rusarm.ru/video and just look at the list of ".wmv" files)

But if you will insist on still photos......

Does this make me a spotter? ;) ;) Personally, I'm miffed not to find videos of all of their infantry stuff. Scare the MoW, show them RPO-A ;)


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Escape-from-PPRuNe said:
Well, you can tell the lad that the Ka 50 will now always beat the Comanche, given that the yanks have scrapped them...
Thanks to all for those ( particularly to the BFG for the one with all the toothsome Ninotchkas posing which I may well set as background....either the Hokum is a hulking ac or these gals are all pint-sized Kylie clones...).

Yeah, I did rather gleefully send the Firstborn an e-mail re Commanche being scrapped. His mates didn't believe it till they went to Jane's .Com for themselves.

The game concerned has it downing Hinds and KA-50's at the touch of a button - I told him a Hind would prolly fly THROUGH a bleedin' Commanche and not notice ( assuming it could catch it)....

Anyone know how many Ka-50's built to date ?

Good stuff,airbornes - appreciate the help.

Rompez mes amis!

Le Chevre
I think we spoke about this cab a few years ago, but I can't be arrsed looking for the thread.

The Ka-50 is fitted with the world’s first helicopter emergency rescue system (the K-37 ejection seat, rocket-operated parachute system, jettisonable main rotor blades) intended to safely eject the pilot in flight and at the ground.
Cooooooooooooool !! Although I would like to hear from our resident pilots what they think of having explosives strapped to their rotor blades 8O !!
We were actually years ahead with the Lynx. We have explosives attached to the rotors, we just call them Rolls Royce Gem engines! :lol: :wink: 8O 8O
Whilst on the subject of Commanche...anyone considered the knock on effect to BLUH? It was supposed to share the engine costs etc I believe as it was due to have the same engines.

Knock on effect of that little conundrum...no BLUH...no AAC...off to the RAF for us. If we move quick enough we could amalgamate by 1st April

:wink: :wink: :wink:
I dont think it will be too much of a knock on persa. The cost will/has been met by the Super Lynx already being delivered to Navies around the world (well a few anyway). :lol:

We shall wait and see how the BLUH pans out.

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