Looking for input on UK postings please.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by DragonScales, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. Still got a while to push until this posting is over (2 years) but I'm wanting to land a UK posting.
    I'm a Relay Op that apparently changed to AS and now CS so my options should be quite vast (I guess). I've been in Germany since 95 so I'm completely out of the loop on what the UK has to offer.
    My main factors for consideration are:

    Good schools in close proximity to MQ's
    MQ's not dog turd
    Preferably a unit that deploys a lot
    Not York

    If anyone has any experience with a unit they liked or have heard of something that sounds ok then I would appreciate you posting some info.

  2. 1 Mech Bde has good MQ's in very close proximity to schools, deploys as it is a Bde Sig Sqn, you will not use Ptarmigan as we haven't used it for a good while now and there will be no 439s then. Depends on what you want!
  3. Any particular reason why you don't want York?
    If you want to deploy a lot and would like to use a reasonably new comms system. (well new for the military) i.e not Ptarmigan then there is not much between it and the likes of 30 sigs these days.
    I'm assuming you will have one eye on getting out in a few years so you may want to work with some kit that can bring your C.V up to date a little bit if you intend working in the civvy comms area when you leave.
    Maybe look at a unit that is adopting Falcon?
  4. FALCON has been delayed again! So not here for 4-5 years at least so 22 Sigs is a unit that will be saddled with Ptarmigan and a bespoke systems for a few years yet.
  5. I thought I overheard someone saying that they're backloading it all at the moment. I could have been drunk and mistaken though.
  6. Been out for years, enjoying reading about Ptarmigan. I was part of the team which did the trials for TARIF to Ptarmigan at 22 Sigs, Lippstadt in 1985...ish.............good times, good beer and the rest.
  7. Check your PMs mate.
  8. They are down to the bear minimum that they can get away with, SCRA (SC) remains as does SAN (AP) but long gone are the days of major trunk exercises. Not sure how many TN are still in existence but it will not now be many.
  9. I'd suggest 1 mech aswell. Just come back from telic. MQ's are excellent, schools are in close proximity to schools. We have plenty of exercises this year and are du to start PDT middle of next year.
  10. 11 Light is ok, somewhat better than things were with 101 Log Bde, quarters are good and close to town.
  11. 261 signal sqn is now part of 11 Light Bde instead of 101 Log Bde, still in Aldershot though.
  12. who are 11 light though? I thought we had a 19 light. Are they a new invention?
  13. It has been formed to deploy on Ops. It has adopted 261 Sig Sqn from 101 Log Bde for this deployment.

    They re-formed it so it doesn't always look like the same Brigades are constantly deploying, although its the same people!!