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Just wondering if anyone is posted in Cyprus and knows what happened to my 23 year old friend in the REME who was killed in a car crash on Sunday going back to base? Me and his best mate from school (now a Royal Marine in Devon) are gutted and just want to be reassured that he is being taken care of. His dad gets out there later today/tomorrow a.m. and will bring him home when he can. Any suggestions of where I could look on the internet for news? There's been nothing posted so far but it may be because his dad hasn't seen him yet. Thanks.
You may be reassured that both joint and single service casualty procedures work well in these circumstances.

However, information is only made available to those nominated by the casualty as Emergency Contacts; it is for them to inform others if they wish. Who they choose to inform is entirely a matter for them. Where there is public interest, MOD Policy is to release brief details and the individual's name (with NOK/EC consent).

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