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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Polish, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. As many of you have heard they a building a memorial to those who died in the Cyprus troubles. In 1956 the Parachute Brigade was in the thick of it and after contacting the MoD it Appears that there is no list of those that died out there during this time. A list has been complied by a former BBC journalist who served out there during the height of the troubles and this is now used by the MoD as their official list, which is fine but people are still being found that died out there and nothing is known about them. If any one knows anything about the person mentioned below it would be a help.

    The death of Pte Gillott. It appears from the Oct 1956 Pegasus that he was a newly called-up Reservist to 3-inch Mortar Platoon of 1 Para. I can find no particulars to the incident at all, detailing either whether it was through enemy engagement, an accident and no location. No official record appears to have been kept (as you have already encountered I think) for Cyprus and the 1 Para archival material fails to even mention his death unfortunately.

    This is from the Airborne Museum at Duxford
  2. Try here:

  3. Cheeers for that, but I am working with the chap that compiled the list on British Small Wars, and we are looking for further information as other people come to light that seem to have been over looked. Gillott is now mentioned on the BSW site.