Looking for information about Crewman job with RAC

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Point & Shoot, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. I have some questions about this job role if anyone can help me.

    I'd like to know what kind of things you'd be doing in this job when you're in the UK.

    Also, would you mainly be driving the tanks or operating computer systems etc?

    Would you have a chance to use any weapons or would you only be able to perform specific job roles, i.e. driving etc?

    Are you likely to be promoted? What's the pay like? Would you be able to get a decent job if / when you leave the Army?

    I'm sorry if all these have been answered before, I had a look but I couldn't find much info. Thanks.
  2. Flick down through the threads in RAC - There's another question the same about 2 months ago. Otherwise use the search function.

    If all else fails - Join up with bugger all knowledge of what you're going to do and then when you get to your choosen regiment it will be explained. I think that last system worked from around the 1500's up until the year 2005 (ish) when some fool invented the internet and people started talking to each other on it.
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  3. That should be over the door of recruiting offices
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  4. To try and answer some of your questions-

    Army life is much the same in any combat arm, the main difference is when you're on exercise, that's when you'll either be in a tank or running around wet through if you join the inf :). In barracks is largely about training or preparing for the next op tour.

    The norm Is for crewman to start as a driver or gunner but it's likely you'll have ended up being trained in both after a couple of years as you need to be able to do all the roles to qualify as a full crewman (and the pay increase that comes with it). In terms of weapons, you have your personal sa80 carbine but more importantly full control of the tank turret and all the weapon systems and sights it has.
    The turret itself is highly computerised.

    Promotion is based on how hard you work at it. Some make lcpl in a year or 2 other take ages. Down to you. As for preparing you for a second career, I'm not sure thats the right motivation for joining but if all your interested in is quals, go join the signals or logistics.
  5. That is the funniest thing I've read since 5Alpha was banned, you crazy misguided fool.............
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  6. Nowt wrong with thinking ahead... remember a fair few blokes will be looking for a new job at 30, if you are good enough you'll most likely (almost definitely) be looking at 42. (Assuming your 18 at join date). You could commision as Late Entry or move on to the an longer career at a pinch.

    If you stay in the tank, you'll pretty much get a H licence, fitter/mechanic skills... that's about it. Move around the Regiment, gathering quals such as driving, Hazmat, Forklift etc. Move out of the regiment to gather up instructional quals and what not.

    You'll get a fair grounding in english, maths and IT.

    Think about OU or similar to bolster your quals. A little every year builds up and it wont hurt your promotion prospects to be bettering yourself. Enjoy your career, see the sights and make sure you get some Adv Trg in.

    If you are not too sure about what the jobs entail, pop in to the ACIO or the website. You may find (particularly if you do have an interest in IT) that another capbadge could offer you so much more. Better to be a round peg in a round hole.
  7. Thanks for the info. I think it's a good idea to think about getting a job upon leaving the Army so I'm not stuck without a job and have to sign on. I'm putting a Signals job as another choice (Comms System Engineer). My choice of jobs is limited as I have bad uncorrected vision, and there are hardly any vacancies for jobs other than infantry at the moment.
  8. Thanks for the help. As I said in my last post I'm putting Comms System Engineer as one of my choices, I'm thinking I might put Surveyor Engineer as another choice but both of these have no positions at the moment. Crewman really stands out to be though, as I'm interested in the combat side of things as well as some of the mechanical work that you can do, although I'm not sure how much of this you'd actually get to do.

    I've read that as a Crewman you work mainly with the Challenger 2 (unless you join as a Recce Crewman) but as far as I know the Challenger 2 isn't in Afghan. So what would you be working with there? Any info. on this would be appreciated, thanks.
  9. Have you actually served in the Royal Armoured Corps? Only one person has full control of the turret and that is the Commander; it takes more than a couple of years to get to this stage.
  10. Bollocks thats not true. I played Battlefield 3 the other day and i could control the whole tank with the x and triangle, nice try though.
  11. That would have been an American tank, they are SO much easier to operate for obvious reasons.
  12. Ah, you mean the commanders override. Normally he's using his CPS but will override the gunner if he doesn't trust him or is a bit of a mong. Get that a lot did you? ;)
  13. Unless you do CVR(T) which means you have one handle for left & right and another for up and down! The most computerised bit in a CVR(T) will probably be your Ipod!
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