Looking for info on WW2 para tactics

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by here_be_mike, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi there all. I’m about to start playing a table top war game called “Flames of war” with my brothers and some friends, I’m going British paras. Only major problem I have is my eldest brother is going Germans and he is a major modern history buff, so knows a hell of a lot about German tactics and whoops my ass every time we play any war game. So would be handy if I could read up on para infantry tactics, especially against armour since the other players are going to have a fair bit of it. Wouldn’t mind whooping their asses when we start playing, especially since I’m wanting to join the regs and don’t want them having any bragging rights over me!
  2. Get yourself a 'tabletop' PIAT.
  3. You join the regs and become a proper soldier and your brother is going to have bragging rights because he beat you at warhammer (or somesuch)

    Can you explain?
  4. The bragging rights is just a joke, a crap joke at that granted. Im planning on joining as an officer, how can i be a good one if i cant win a battle with lead minatures.
  5. WAAH

  6. Afraid not :oops: I feel an old fashioned 5.56 ripping coming on soon from you lot.
  7. hbm, I imagine a problem with ‘realism’ in tabletop war gaming is that in the game everyone can see all deployments? While confrontation with tanks was to be avoided if possible, if a tank had to be dealt with by Paratroops or Commandos, it could come down to engagement by stealth by use of a sticky-bomb or a grenade in a portal, and hopefully thereafter small arms on evacuating crew? If a PIAT was used, the short range again relied on being close, hence not being seen by the tank. You don’t mention anything about terrain for the engagement, the objective, and what the other British forces compose.

  8. Not unlike a TEWT I suppose?
  9. Well if you´re going to play at paras,why not try dropping behind his panzers and surprising him?After all that´s their main(and basically their only) weapon............Surprise!

    Oh, don´t forget that there were some gliders capable of carrying sherman(?) tanks and other anti-tank weaponry,like to see his face when you turn-up with your own armour dropping from the sky.If you just use frontal attack tactics you´re gonna get your arrse kicked!

    Thought of air-support?No grunt should ever be without it. :twisted:
  10. Kick the board over and then stick a commando knife to his neck until he surrenders.

    You win.

    Tsk, this is what I am paid for. Solutions to problems.
  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Tactics are based on the limited number of pure Para ops, but generally:

    Unclip chute.
    Run for cover.

    March to nearest bridge.
    Attack heroically until ammo runs low.
    Hide from tanks. (Projectile Infantry Anti-Tank bounces off Tiger tanks).
    Wait for the cavalry to show up.

    This worked very well for Sean Connery - so should be good enough for you :D
  12. Though the cavalry jacked on us in the end.
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Only, IIRC, because Michael Caine had traffic problems - now if John Wayne had been the cavalry..... :wink:
  14. Yes, horses would have got through no problem! :D