Looking for info on my fathers service history

My brother has contacted me looking for info on my fathers service history and I was wondering if anyone could help, or give some pointers in the right direction.
His details where: 21003142 WO 2 Williams, Royal Artillery
I believe he served from 1941-1945, then again from 1946-1969 with his last posting being to Boghall Camp, in Linlithgow, West Lothian.
My brother is specifically looking for the details of this last unit.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
As you are NOK you can request records from Glasgow. If your mam is still alive she is immediate NOK and you may need her to write (or you write and get her to sign). There is a charge but you are entitled to get them. Another place to try would be RA records, to find which unit your dad last served with in Linlithgow.
I think the charge is about £30 and can take up to 2 years - I'm in the process of assisting my mum to do the same for her dad.


I think the charge is about £30 and can take up to 2 years - I'm in the process of assisting my mum to do the same for her dad.
It is GBP30 per enquiry but got both my Grandfathers last month about 9 months from applying. Worth the wait in both caes some really good info and in one case a complete suprise that he had been compulsory posted to the The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) in 1943 whilst in India, he was then transferred to the Lancashire Fusiliers, all whilst a WO2 from the the Essex Regt., he was then KIA with the Chindits on the assault of Moguang.

By way of his service record we have also established that he was the first Welshman to win a medal in the International Cross Country Championships on 1938 and a whole host of other wins in road and track events. Not bad for an Essex man!

So records office via SPVA web site application would be your best bet, and then just be patient.
I have my father's wartime record in front of me, obtained from:

Army Personnel Centre,
Disclosure 2,
Mail Point 515,
Kentigern House,
65 Brown Street,
G2 8EX

(as noted by Sunray_Minor above), although there's a letter from an AO there apologising for the lengthy delay which was apparently caused by a high volume of 'urgent welfare requests'. This may have now subsided (my brother did the application four years ago). My father initally joined the Cameronians 9th Bn (TA) on 31 Aug 39, and interestingly, the stamp on his attestation paper spells the regiment 'Camaronians'! He went on to serve in various units of the Kings African Rifles, eventually being discharged at the Nairobi Transit Camp in 1946. I assume that the transit camp was at Kahawa Bks, as his photograph on the wall of the WOs and Sgts Mess there was pointed out to me on a visit in the early 70s.
Cheers fellas, I'll be sending the forms off on Monday. However, back in Linlithgow this seems to have caused a bit of a stir with the local Historical Society, as they had no idea that there had been a camp in the town and can find no trace of it in their records.
My brother will be popping into their offices next week with a couple of maps of the camp as it was, which should give the local history people plenty of work to get on with.

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