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About to join the Medical world, going on REME MDSS Course, but before then geting posted to 7 CC(what does that stand for)Sqn @ £ CSMR. I know 3 CSMR is in Catterick, but is 7 Sqn also there? What is unit like? What are Qtrs like? Where is best place for Qtr? Any info greatly appreciated!

Ned Kelly
7 evacuation squadron is the one I think you mean.

They are part of 3CSMR and as such are based alongside the 3 Squadrons 24, 12, 16. 3CSMR HQ in in Catterick. 24 Sqn (3CSMR) in Catterick, 16 Sqn (3CSMR) in Tidworth and 12 Sqn (3CSMR) in Swanton Morley. 7’s role is to transport patients from role 1 to role 2 / ambulance exchange point, using the good old favoured of all medical vehicles the AFV432 Mk 2/1.

Hope that helps
My advice is judge it by your own standards. If this is your first medical unit, then you`ll find as you move from unit to uit that there all the same really.......But if you really want some advice then get yourself posted to a teeth arms unit as soon as you can!!! It`s far better to be a medic with another Regiment, than a medic in a medical unit. I would imagine the same can be said for the REME.

Either way matey good luck.

I`ve just re badged my last unit being 3 CS, so you`ve proberbley taken my place ho,ho,ho.
Hello mucka,

All the replies so far are quite helpful, if you want disinformation that is!!!! 7 (CC) Sqn are actually based in York! Not Catterick with RHQ and 24 Sqn. They are a Critical Care Station, sort of Dressing Station with teeth? I.e. they will be better equipped and better managed as a role 2 facility. A sort of mobile A+E, not the usual tent fest that is. Unfortunately 3 CS is busy as ever so will be stripped bare to back fill 12, 16 and 24 Sqn's in the future, take a sense of humour, though if you accepted the posting you already proved you have. Have a GOOD ONE THOUGH MATE the SSM is a good bloke and York is decent on the beer.


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