Looking for help with new Young Officers web site

Discussion in 'Officers' started by evilone, Feb 22, 2005.

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  1. 2 off us north of the border have tried to start a Yo's website. Loads of interest but lack of activity.

    any ideas!!!
  2. Looks like a good site, will join up if I pass RCB.
  3. Thanks!! From your previous replies are you going as LE or Main Stream. If you have the OCdt title you can access.
  4. Good Idea!

    I've just joined the yo-yo site too, I'm a TASO though, wont be a problem, being a part timer, will it?
  5. No I am TA, the whole point is there is no boundries. It is meant to link us with our regular counterparts.
    As well as hold an annual Ball
  6. Probably being a bit of a naysayer here but this website is asking for quite a bit of personal information, Name address, army number, regiment etc. Is there a way a mod can check you out first?

    I know this would put my mind at ease when giving out such info.
  7. We are both part of 51 Scottish Bde and have several backers within our Bde!!
    The Taocc which is run by Bde knows us as we went through that system. This is why we are trying to get this going, as support for us YO's is poor.
  8. No my point was that you could be anyone asking for this info. Just was hoping someone could confirm you're legit etc before I give out my details and army number.
  9. Haven't got that far yet.
  10. So what you're saying is that 51 Bde will use vetting and security clearance resources for what is essentially a private website with no official sanction or standing wich seeks "sensitive personal information" about would -be members.There must be Data Protection Act issues here
  11. AntPhillip, We have backing form the Bde and our Regt so if you require to CHECK us out then fine. Why is info such a drama, we only ask these to protect the integrity of the web site and yes keep it exclusive for Officers.
  12. I am confused that you see it that way, we totaly are separate form the Bde but had to give presentations to Bde and Div to be allowed to put it out. Yes it is a private website for Officers, that is the whole point!!

    The Bde has no input into the website, we have spent 18 months of our own time developing a quality product designed to help YO's and Officers in general find and locate info. The secondary task was to get the UK's YO network up and active to allow for sharing of info and experience.
  13. The problem evilone, you must understand, is that people value their privacy and the internet is a very dangerous place for this.

    Right now the mods of this forum could say which city i live in, what ISP I use etc etc. But they do not know my name, my address and army number.

    If I tell you, which I would be doing by completing registration to your forum, I'd like to know I'm not giving it to a random person or the such. If you can give a number of contact so we can check your validity fine.

    In the end you must admit personal security must come first in this day and age and making yourself a target is not a wise option.
  14. NO! 51Bde wont, but we have to show that the site is managed and checked. If people have issues with giving the info then fine. They dont need to log on.

    We fully understand that in the modern climate the word integrity is pretty much gone. Perhaps we have taken the Queen's Commision to strongly and that as Officers we have to have Integrity. This maybe a problem to some but as above if people want to log on Great, if not then neither part has lost a thing.
  15. It may have taken you 18 months, but ten minutes with a dictionary would have been time well spent. Dug out this gem on your site...

    What the hell is an "Adjudent"? Sounds like some kind of witchfinder general figure. Oh, hang on...
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