looking for fun?

Im looking 4 a girl to join me and my friend tracy for 3sum fun. Anyone interested? In leeds but if a bit far away can probably arrange sumthing!

Must be Bi or bi-curious.

Paul and Tracy


parasigs said:
Yeah, took loads of persuading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So u interested Dozy? PM me.
Dozy is more woman than you’d care to handle :wink:
mate in the day and a bit this has been up can't believe your inbox isn't rammed with SCHs responces! Have you tried recuiting from your Regt? The Corps are filled with potential muff divers!
What the hell is a SCH?

And ive just started termination leave so recruiting from the corps is a bit difficult, thats why I came on here.
I tell you what, if I knew a bird willing to go for a 3-some I would be partaking myself rather than offering her up to someone else. Assuming she looked vaguely female that is.

No offence.
WAH Shield up!

Squaddie C0ck Hunter, if you've started term leave then all the better, nothing to get back :)

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