THE RED PAW SEARCH! The Red Paw Badge was worn by members of the Army Dog Unit Northern Ireland - a unique Army unit made up of volunteers from every regiment/corps, but disbanded in 2007 when the personnel were no longer required for 'the troubles' in Northern Ireland. The unit started in 1973 and the volunteer dog handlers trained and worked with dogs known as "Wagtails" (arms & explosives search dogs), "Snappers" (guard dogs) and "Groundhogs" (tracker dogs). The Red Paw badge represented the dogs' feet bleeding after carrying out searches in the debris following bombings, etc., in NI. We are trying to contact the ex-dog handlers to join a recently formed Association. By next year we would like to have contacted enough of them for there to be sufficient numbers to take part in the Cenotaph march past in November - all the various regiments combined into one unit in their own right, representing the ADU NI, to honour their lads killed in NI (sometimes the dog as well). To this end the Army Dog Unit Northern Ireland Association have launched a website which has had tremendous support so far. www.armydogunit-ni.co.uk pretty well everything you need to know is on the site) but in view of the number of regiments involved we are finding it very difficult to contact the ex-dog handlers, now spread far and wide, especially those who served in Northern Ireland in the 70's and 80's (50-60 ish age group now). We would be truly grateful if you would give this cause your consideration. Thank you for your time. R Shevill Royal Engineers, ADU-NI 1976
Mods - maybe a move from Classified Ads is called for to maybe get a better audience?

Is there a 'looking for ex-dog handlers' section on here somewhere?
Bad CO said:
Did you ever meet Stumpy? Still one of the greatest threads on here IMHO.....
I've got to page 4 and haven't laughed so much for a long time. Shame Auld Sapper has disappeared. Brilliant writing. Anyone every hear from him privately?

I think this afternoon will be doing a bit of light reading and getting looks for laughing out aloud!
HI, was with the A.D.U from 79-82, D Troop Long Kesh then moved to Ballykelly, had 3dogs during my stay... 7B40 Sand...6A09 Bowie...and ???? Voska, bunked with Colin "Benny" Bennett who handled Shep and Sebastian, and Dave Monks (pioneer corps).Danny Shaw was D Troop "leader", Spike was the club barman, and while I was duty nco at Ballykelly, a handler by the surname of Dawson who was leaving the unit nicked the adu flag so would be nice to hear from him or anyone else who may remember me, or knows where any of D Troop are or just anyone who served around that time, many thanks.
I’m an ex member! I’m delighted to see that there’s a thread up and even an association.

I served from 2005 to 2007, mostly in NI. I’m retired now but I’d really like to meet up with past members and recount the good old days of chasing cats and sniffing each other’s bottoms.

It’d be great to meet up and chew some tennis balls, perhaps even roll in some fox poo.



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i went on a dog handleing course in 1971 with the royal engineers . I failed but the bloody dog PASSED !!
Woof, woof woof woof. Rrrrrrrruff! woof woof woof.

Edited to add: Rrrrrruf! ruff ruff, Wooooof.

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